Our Story

We are brothers & sisters based in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, where the sea has been a part of our lives since we were young. Through the years, rope decorations and knots have always been present in our home, with plant hangers, mobile sculptures, fruit hangers, jewelry (you name it) all handcrafted out of rope, so it was just a matter of time before we extended the craft to our pets.

It all started with Gaia, a stray puertorrican lab we rescued at the beach. She was the first Lasso wearer and thanks to her ability to show it off everywhere we went people started asking about it and friends soon started wanting one.
Alas, Lasso was created!

Through trial and error, great customer feedback and product testing, we are able to provide high quality, design oriented, handcrafted dog rope accessories that are a far better alternative to your usual collars and leashes.

Far better? Yes, because rope is excellent for sensitive coats, does not tangle with fur, its flexible, lightweight, soft on your hands, and 100% eco-friendly.