Classic standard rope collar for dogs
Classic standard rope collar for dogs
Classic design rope collar for dogs
Closing style for dog collar
Green rope collar for dogs
Black rope collar for dogs
Purple rope collar for dogs
clip on style rope collar in aqua
Rope collar training in pink
Rope collar with classic style and clip on closing
handmade rope collar with brass
Classic Collar

Classic Collar

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in the Classic rope collar. 

- 1/2" thick 3-strand soft cotton rope / recycled rope
- Solid brass fittings
- Hemp twine

*Lasso is not responsible for any mishaps or injuries caused as a result of improper use.
**Length and color may vary slightly due to the hand crafted nature of our products.
***As it is not an adjustable collar, fitting on each dog may vary according to size and breed.
****Lasso recommends giving your dog a breather from their collars when at home to prevent possible damages to the rope.

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STELLA-Clip-On STELLA-Rope STELLA-RWhipping-Knots

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